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Jordan Roselli facilitating students in the PAL program at CSUS.

Career Aspirations

I plan to finish my Master's Degree in May 2017. The knowledge and experience gained during the program should help me to be better prepared for a PhD program, with the eventual goal of becoming a University Professor.

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. In my experiences, the pursuit of effective scientific teaching is a life-long process that takes self-awareness and continued education. Growing up with two successful loving parents, who constantly reminded me to do what I love, helped me stay focused on becoming an effective teacher. Through my undergraduate and graduate course work I sought out and actively participated in teaching my peers. It was through these programs that I found a true love for inspiring and shaping the minds of young scientists. It is my goal to inspire the youth of the scientific community and actively recruit new auspicious scientists into a field I have come to love. I will share my love and enthusiasm for the natural sciences by listening to my students and allowing them to provide feedback on my effectiveness, employing an equitable classroom where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, and finally through relatable coursework that will inspire a new generation of scientists to want to further the field of knowledge in molecular biology. 

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

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